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Butter vs. margarine - Is margarine just "one molecule away from plastic'?


Did a boy die from eating old pancake mix?


Is drinking cold water bad for you?


Is aspartame a poison causing an epidemic of diseases?


Is MSG a poison causing an epidemic of diseases?


Will mixing Mentos in Coke cause an eruption?


Are baby carrots safe to eat?


Is there a coming (or already enacted) law to ban organic foods in the U.S.?


Do hot dogs contain ground up earthworms?


A message claims that butter is better than margarine because margarine is "one molecule away from plastic"

The message first claims that margarine was invented to fatten turkeys, but that is fully false.  It is a recent addition to this old message.  Here is an interesting history of margarine:

Many margarines are either hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. This produces something called trans fats.  It turns out that trans fats are worse for you than sat fats (as in butter). Margarines are made from vegetable oil sources and butter from animal milk.  Butter does not contain trans fat, but the sat fat in animal products is far higher than in vegetable oils. Butter also contains cholesterol, which margarines do not. Some types of oils actually contain good fat, such as olive oil.  There are margarines made from olive oil.  Still, if the margarine is in a tub or stick, it is probably hydrogenated.  There are margarines (more on the market all the time) that have no trans fat.  Many use olive oil and some even use flax.

The message continues to say that margarines are just one molecule away from being plastic.  Lots of things are just one or two molecules away from being something else. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is one molecule from water (H20), but don't drink it!  Ozone (03) is one molecule from oxygen (02), but don't breathe it!

Plastics are made with oil - but not vegetable oils. They're made with crude oils.  The message also claims that if margarine is left out for a couple of days, it won't even attract flies.  Naturally, it will not spoil in the same way or in the same time-table as a milk product. However, even vegetable oils will eventually turn rancid.  Vegetables are not exactly inorganic.

Message claims that a teenage boy died from eating old pancake mix

No researcher has been able to trace the origins of this story, but the scenario is possible

The issue is not the pancake mix or even the mold that forms on it, but a person's allergy to that mold.  This particular allergy affects the person just like those with extreme peanut allergies.  They will be unable to breathe and  go into anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is a rapidly developing immunologic reaction that occurs when those who have allergies come in contact with the substances they are allergic to. When it kills, it does so by triggering fatal respiratory or cardiac arrest.  There is a well-known case that happened in 2001.  In that case, the pancake mix that delivered a toxic payload was analyzed and found to contain four rather nasty molds: Penicillium, Fusarium, Mucor, and Aspergillus.

For a person without mold allergies, this is not an issue.  However, many people may have mold allergies and not know it.

Cold Water - see this article

Aspartame - see this article

MSG causes a host of diseases and problems

There are rants like this on MSG and aspartame all over the internet, but they are based on anecdotes not scientific evidence.   The so-called "Cheesburger bill" has nothing to do with food manufacturers and suing them if they "add" something harmful to their product.  It is to prevent people from suing fast-food RESTAURANTS for their own eating choices.

What is MSG?  It is an amino acid called glutamate found naturally in protein foods such as meat,  vegetables, poultry and milk.  The human body produces it naturally.  The muscles, brain and other organs contain about 4 lbs. of glutamate and human milk has a lot of it.  It is found in 2 forms: bound glutamate and free glutamate.  The free form is a flavor enhancer.  It occurs in high levels naturally in vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes. 

The message information comes from a man by the name of John Erb who has written a book called, "The Slow Poisoning of America."  He is not in the medical or scientific field and came up with his entire book based on "reports" he read after a situation with his daughter.  However, there are a handful of maverick medical men making a name for themselves by preaching on the evils of these products while promoting hydrogen peroxide, light, oxygen and ozone therapies and the wonders of unpastuerized milk and selling so-called "natural" alternatives.  Erb is part of this rabid anti-MSG/aspartame group that also includes Betty Martini and Raymond Blaylock.

While diabetes is on the rise, the connection between it and MSG is not scientific.  If it were true, everyone I know should have diabetes.  The rise in diabetes seems to have a direct correlation with the rise in obesity, overuse of sugars and corn sugars and lack of exercise.  MSG has been in food ever since I was born (1957), yet out of all the people I know, only a few have diabetes and most of them were adult onset.   These dire alarms should have us asking why then we don't know even more people with diabetes. 

The rise in ADHD (if it really exists as a genuine disease and not just that some kids are genuinely hyper) can also be explained by many factors, not the least of which is dietary in nature.  There are some things that genuinely hyper or AD kids ought to stay away from including sugar and white flour, etc.  A decent and well-balanced diet may provide help.  I'm convinced that my husband was ADD growing up and I know that he rarely had a decent meal in his life until I started feeding him.  Kids are having soda, processed foods and junk foods at a very early age.  When I was a child, those were treats, not the mainstay of our diet. It is true that MSG is in most processed foods. 

MSG may indeed either cause direct problems for some or exacerbate symptoms of diseases already present.  That is also true of aspartame.  However, many people who use these products seem to be at least as healthy if not healthier than some of us who don't.   In reading one article, the question was posed: "How do we know MSG causes adverse reactions like asthma, migraine headaches and seizures?  Nearly all of us ingest it daily, yet I don't have asthma, migraine or seizures.  Why is that?

The history of MSG as a flavor enhancer is interesting. Over 1,000 years ago Oriental cooks found that some foods tasted better when they were made with a soup stock made from a particular seaweed.  In 1908 Professor Kikunae Ikeda of The University of Tokyo isolated glutamate from the seaweed and found out why the seaweed made everything taste better.  Since that time, MSG has been, and continues to be, widely used as an effective means of making good food taste better.

MSG is not a chemical.  As you can see, it was not concocted in a lab somewhere.  This link shows foods that have naturally occurring and fairly high levels of glutamate  This site debunks some of the rabid anti-MSG information with actual studies. Scientific authorities from around the world including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The American Medical Association (AMA), and The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) agree that the body handles glutamate in the same way regardless of its source. Glutamate from either source is absorbed similarly in the intestine and follows normal metabolic pathways.

If you believe that you show a sensitivity to MSG, by all means, avoid most processed foods, and natural foods that are high in it.  It would probably be well to get tested to make sure that this is the problem and not something else. 

Mentos & Coke

Yes, if you add mentos to sodas in bottles (must be a small, narrow opening) the soda will erupt.  However, no human has ever been killed this way.

Baby carrots

Baby carrots are small, young carrots.  Baby-cut carrots cut to look that way but are not cut from bad carrots and are not processed with chlorine.

Organic food ban

A message claimed that the U.S. federal government was going to outlaw organic foods.  Read the bill cited here.  This bill only affects processor & storage places.  Your local organics or non-organics will not be affected.  It's in the processing plants & storage facilities that there are problems with contamination.

Hot Dogs

A message claims that hot dogs contain Sodium erythobate and that this is just ground up earthworms. Sodium erythobate is not earthworms.  It is a safety ingredient. Other products also use this ingredient.  Hot dogs are sausages.  They come in all sorts of forms from all beef, all chicken, all turkey or combos of beef, chicken, turkey & pork. The basic objection from health food advocates is the nitrates in hot dogs, sausages, bacon and lunch meats. Nitrates are preservatives.  Taken in a large quantity, they don't seem to be good for anyone. Nitrates are also in our water.  Sodium erythorbate is a nitrate.


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