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Messages about the USPS or stamps



Is the USPS release a stamp that honors Muslims?


Is the USPS discontinuing Black Heritage stamps?


Is the USPS selling breast cancer awareness stamps?


Did a USPS Postmaster order the removal of all posters containing the U.S. motto "in God we trust?"


The USPS is releasing a stamp that "honors" Muslims message claims, so let's boycott it! - not exactly.

This is actually a non-issue, despite all the hyped up rhetoric of the message. You see, no one is ever, ever forced to purchase a religious holiday stamp.  A boycott is not possible because a holiday stamp from another religion will never be offered to you or anyone else.  They are by REQUEST ONLY.

The stamp does not "honor" Muslims.  It is a commemorative stamp for two Muslim holidays.  The USPS has already issued a Christmas stamp and a Hanukah stamp.   The message would lead us to believe that a branch of the U.S. federal government is acknowledging and honoring only one of the major religions prominent in the U.S, which is obviously untrue. The stamp doesn't honor Muslims or their holiday anymore than a Christmas stamp "honors" Christians or Christmas.  These stamps are simply available to each religion for the sending of their holiday cards.  The stamp came out in 2001.

These kind of stamps have a specific purpose.  Only those with an interest in purchasing a holiday stamp will do so.  Some Christians will purchase the special Christmas stamps at Christmas, some Jewish people will purchase the Hanukah stamp during Hanukah and some Muslims will purchase the Muslim holiday stamp during their holidays.  No one is ever forced to take any religious holiday stamp.  During the EID holidays, Muslims usually send cards just as we Christians do during Christmas.

I'm going to sermonize here for a moment and challenge conservative, evangelical Christians (of which I am one).  The USPS should be applauded for doing what the rest of the U.S. Federal government cannot - that is to allow voluntary expressions of religion in the public arena instead of trying to silence it.   In Islam, logic and ration is not encouraged.  Christians should not only encourage it, we should demand it.  With a little logic and reason we can see that this stamp is a non-issue.  We are, as the old saying goes, "walking over dollars trying to find another dime."  While real genuine evil festers and flourishes around us, we're busy forwarding messages like this.  No wonder we're so ineffective and irrelevant to the rest of the world.  Let's start fighting true evil, not spend our time and effort on a boycott of a stamp we can't even buy without requesting it. 

The USPS is discontinuing the Black Heritage Series of Stamps - FALSE 

This rumor began in 2001.  The USPS says that they have no plans to discontinue the popular series.  

The USPS is selling a stamp that will help Breast Cancer research - TRUE

The stamp costs more so that proceeds will benefit breast cancer research.  

Did a USPS Postmaster in Texas ordered the removal of posters bearing the phrase "In God We Trust"?  Sort of.

The situation is not quite what the email makes it out to be and the suggestion included in the message will not accomplish the intent.

It should be noted that the supervisor who ordered the removal of the signs felt that he/she was simply abiding by USPS regulations that had nothing to do with the contents of the signs, but with posters, signs, papers, etc. in general.  ALL signs and posters not relating to the USPS were removed, not just the ones with the IN GOD WE TRUST message.  There was no claim that a law was being violated - only a USPS regulation and it had nothing to do with electioneering.  There was no mention of offense and it had nothing to do with the slogan on the posters.

The situation happened in November 2002 when a supervisor ordered the removal of the posters from government owned PO buildings in Montgomery County, TX.   The supervisor followed a USPS rule that says that it prohibits the "depositing or posting of handbills, flyers,
pamphlets, signs, posters, placards, or other literature (except official postal and other governmental notices and announcements) in interior public areas on postal premises."  

Apparently the action was across the board and was not based on the content of the signs.  This doesn't appear to be an anti-religious or anti-God issue.  It just appears to be an over-zealous supervisor.  If the issue was limited to a couple of PO's in one county, then why the bruhaha?  I can see it if the issue was with the entire USPS.  Come to think of it, I don't think our PO has ever put up any non-PO flyers or posters except the wanted posters.

As to the suggestion that we all put this slogan on the back of our envelopes,  surely no one in this day and age really believes that someone at the USPS is examining every piece of mail that comes through.  Mail is totally automated.  Your postal carrier is about the only one who will see it and then only the front.  No one is looking at the back of the envelope and the automatic readers are doing the rest.  It's fine to write a message on the envelope, but it won't accomplish any desired results in this case.  The recipient may appreciate it though! 


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